My research projects portal

Currently I am working on a Workshop entitled “Educators on the Edge: The Bleeding v Leading Edge”

Many early career teachers are on the bleeding edge of their profession. Unfortunately current research shows that close to 50% of teachers fall off the edge and leave the profession within the first five years. Their experience, their voice and their stories go unheard as they drive into other career pathways. This seminar will provide a platform to have the individual voices and stories of early career teachers heard and allow colleagues from across Australia to connect with, mentor and learn from early career teachers still living on the edge.

Many early career teachers are on the leading edge of their profession. Implementing significant change to pedagogical practices that can inspire student engagement and learning. These innovative educators are living and working across Australia and it is important that they are given a voice. Sharing what they are learning about student engagement, their pedagogies, technologies, successes and epic failures with colleagues across Australia.!

This interactive seminar will be a contemporary blend of stories and lived experiences from early career teachers as they showcase exemplary practice and give participants an insider’s perspective on their classrooms around the nation. Participants will be guided through the technology being used and the process of interacting with other educators. Then they will be given Ime to explore and connect with innovative educators across Australia, experience new fronIers in learner engagement and teacher pedagogies, and create naIonal collaboraIons to improve the student learning outcomes in their own



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