Anyone who has taught, has regrets

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.12.15 pm

“Highly effective teaching is hard to do, hard to learn, and hard to find. It is exceptional.” His insistence that schooling “only functions well in the hands of a maestro, and that maestros are thin on the ground”

I revisited two really interesting, especially when compared, articles today. Please have a read of this one, by Dean Ashendon.

They get little feedback on how they are going; most of what they do get comes from other students, and most of that is wrong. Teachers routinely mistake busyness for engagement, activity for learning. Students – the experts on the quality of the teaching – mostly report encountering only a handful of teachers who made a lasting and positive impact.

Then this one, a rebuttal of sorts, by Erica McWilliam.

“Teachers are more likely to learn from each other than from any passing expert or guru.”


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