“Engage the students”

I am fairly certain that no teacher has ever intentionally made their class boring. I am certain that there are times where it is not considered important to make it interesting, or fun, or to use that buzzword, “engaging”. But recently I have been thinking about the benefits of making things more interesting just to look at to get students slightly deeper into the world in which I know they will learn.

This has guided me to info graphics, which are as it stands, the vogue in data presentation. A report is nothing if it cannot appear as an info graphic to be linked on facebook or twitter. Give that we now use moodle as a learning management system at my school, I get a great platform to embed HTML code into. So now, instead of a student logging on a seeing 5 guiding questions. They log on and see a quote, an interactive chart, then 5 guiding questions embedded into the page. Now the work really isn’t any more exciting (although I think what we are doing is relevant and topical), but there is a curiosity piqued just by using a different method.

Which makes me wonder, in this day and age, is superficial engagement just as good as being interested in the concepts?

*I am fairly certain that it isn’t, and I am not willing to do the test because I can’t begin to live with myself knowing that what I am doing is not as interesting as I can make it.

**If you are interested in reading more about this topic, please check out this link at Piktochart


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