Something more inspirational than Rafa…

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Podcasts are seriously under-utilised by most, I think…

Actually, I think there would be a very clear correlation between successful people, and those who listen to podcasts. They form an interesting form of dialogue between experts in a field of interest and aspirants (or fellow professionals). If I look back to myself as a high school student (10 years ago), I would have gained extraordinary benefit from a mentor in a field of interest to me, and in the absence of that, a daily pep talk by someone whose name didn’t begin with Mr. or Mrs. would have worked, too.

One of the most inspirational things that I have come across as a teacher is the Radiolab podcast from WNYC. Why? Its not particularly deep in its scientific content… But its really engaging in a medium that wasn’t to me before. The use of compares and also sound bites is really great. So the inspiration for me is in using short moments of abstraction, some thoughtful quips, and one really great quality… Silence…

Yeah, really.

The podcasts pose questions sometimes and just leaves it quiet, giving you time to consider. It is a concept totally underused in professional practice as an educator, and indeed in radio (a given), and one that actually gives people a chance to do what you want them to do… Think, deeply.

No matter what you’re into, have a look at radiolab, and please let me know of any other podcasts you could recommend, and why.


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