I was a part of a conversation between some colleagues last week that went like this:

Teacher 1: “mrmmy how can I open emails on my iPad? the app keeps deleting them and its just not working for me

mrmmy: “I don’t use the app, I’ll email you a link and you can just log onto that the way you use web based like you always have

Many genuine thanks ensued.

But then I overheard…

Teacher 2: “ohhh but that doesn’t let me see my calendar or anything like that, its not good, I use another app for that

Teacher 1: “thanks to you both, but how can I open this file?

Teacher 2: “oh you need this app for that, it will cost a little but I use it for that, and it works great



Now I have been thinking about this recently, and given my recent passion for it, I have begun linking all thoughts towards boxing. If I was sparring, I would say that a little iPad jab and cross was thrown, no knockout blows of the iPad solving anything of merit. But its got me thinking more. My method for solving the problem was basically the blue/purple belt solution, does the job, good standard, requires a bit of understanding and equips me well for future use and can apply to other situations.

Teacher 2’s solution is the white belt, you get that one just for turning up. But their methodology was to hold a white belt in every possible iPad/martial art imaginable, in the hope that their problems would be solved by one of them. They have totally bought into the slogan, “there’s an app for that”.

Now, in the world of iPad-fu, who wins? I am pretty sure I do, one because I am more confident about it, and people like that, and the other is that to master something you need to understand it more deeply than just “theres an app for that”.

What we need in our school (and I think for our society) is for a lot of people to start getting very good at their particular style of iPad/anythingusage. With that, our community becomes stronger, and can build a greater understanding. 100 people with 100 white belts does not a winning fight make. 100 people with a purple belt who are aware that they are training for a brown belt is a VERY different situation.

Post script edit:

I just read this webpage… Oh dear.



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