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I was just reading an article titled “the 27 characteristics of 21st century learners” that begun with “’21st Century Educator’ is probably the most popular buzzword in today’s education”.

This got me thinking about my other favourites. Engaging, Scandinavia, New Zealand, action research, data, numeracy, NAPLAN, flipped classroom… A colleague of mine actually used engage 5 times in a phrase on a staff day last week. As a noun, verb, and then in adjective form. Maybe its just a subliminal message from society telling me to put a ring on it? I am finally starting to empathise with more experienced teachers who I see at PD sessions.

But, as for the original article, the characteristics they mention are true enough, but one of the wonderful things about being a fairly new graduate is that these things aren’t “21st century teaching” characteristics, they are just teaching characteristics.

In my interview for my current position, I was asked how I would manage using ACARA instead of SACSA. Half-jokingly, I replied “what is SACSA?”. I had just spent 4 years studying the Australian Curriculum. The same goes for “oh how will we implement the New SACE?”. All I have ever known it as is “SACE”.

At the end of the day, both new and experienced teachers have a heck of a lot to learn, and a heck of a lot to teach each other, and that is something that will never change.


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